Fractions Bootcamp: Unit 1


Fractions will finally make sense with our Fractions Unit 1 Bootcamp!  This pack is designed to break fractions down into simple steps and build understanding with practice.

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  • stationery and all resources included
  • Grown-Up’s Guide helps you support your child’s learning
  • links to school targets
  • engaging screen-free activities match each step of learning
  • explores early fractions, including representing fractions as diagrams and identifying fractions of a shape
  • recommended for ages 7+
  • FREE shipping to anywhere in the UK


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About this Pack

We’ve made fractions simple, attainable and fun!

Our ‘Let’s Learn!’ fractions booklet will guide your child through this Unit in clear, bite-sized steps.

Each step in the booklet is paired with engaging activities that match with what your child
has learned.

These fun, inviting activities support and consolidate your child’s understanding through practice, creative learning and problem-solving.  There are opportunities for your child to apply their understanding to various contexts and relate to real world examples.  Plus, the learning goals in this pack link to the skills taught at school.

The activities include colouring, drawing and sticker fun to keep learning hands-on and interactive.  All the resources needed to enjoy these practical-learning features are included in this pack.

We recommend this pack for children aged 7+


Included in this Pack

  • all stationery and resources needed for this pack, including a pencil, rubber, sharpener, colouring pencils and fraction sticker labels
  • access to a comprehensive Grown-Up’s Guide with tips and ideas to support your child’s learning and extend their understanding
  • ‘Let’s Learn!’ fractions booklet with step-by-step guidance through the fractions skills explored in this Unit (see below for more details)
  • engaging screen-free activities to strengthen understanding which link to each step learned
  • challenges, real-life applications and opportunities for reasoning and problem-solving
  • hands-on fun to keep your child busy as they learn
  • school targets and key skills which link to the National Curriculum
  • FREE shipping (UK only)


Unit 1:  Key Skills

Our Unit 1 pack explores the following key skills:

  • introducing fractions in simple terms with diagrams
  • key words, such as ‘numerator’ and ‘denominator’
  • knowing that a fraction is a part of a whole
  • understanding that fractions are made up of equal parts
  • understanding fractions represented in different ways through diagrams
  • learning how to write fractions, including writing fractions from diagrams
  • shading diagrams to represent a fraction
  • learning about halves, including that two halves make a whole
  • learning about quarters, including that four quarters make a whole
  • learning about thirds, including that three thirds make a whole
  • identifying shapes split into halves, quarters and thirds
  • identifying the parts of a shape split into fraction segments
  • challenges to extend understanding, including an example with a step-by-step walkthrough on how to solve the challenge



  1. CHOKING HAZARD – includes small parts not suitable for children under 3 years.
  2. This item is not a toy. Supervise children at all times while they are using this product.
  3. Suffocation hazard.
  4. Keep away from fire.

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