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Acura RDX. 2) Performance Downpipe. XDI . BUT don't assume.

. On 91oct fuel most land in the 280-285 range.

Custom Remote Tuning Service - Etune. Nov 9, 2021. 5-liter turbo-four found in the 10th-generation Civic (2016+). Civic; 10th Gen (16-21) I4-L15BA; Tuning; KTuner V1.2 Flash End User Kit for 16+ Civic 1.5 Turbo . Although not the exact same engines, 10th gen si's run big turbos (like the w2 from 27won) all the time with few issues. Call Us: 650-243-3032. Select options. Widebands. Regarding the clutches. This package includes multiple starter maps, Factory, 19.5PSI, 21.5PSI, 23PSI, and 19.5/23PSI dual tune activated by the Sport button. ON BACK ORDER WITH EXPECTED ETA OF July 20th 2022 Buy a Ktuner and get a Phearable net Civic Stage 1 5 FREE or save $100+ on a Phearable Tune!

No issues (2017 Si) I've had a KTuner on my 2020 CRV (same engine and turbo as the Si) for about 12000 miles. Injector Adapters. Guys are great. This is the second-best bang-for-buck mod you can do for your CivicX, #1 is above. .

This is true, and is a huge down fall for dyno tune especially. MAP/MAF Sensors. AEM. PRL Brings Home a 2022 11th Gen Civic Si. We have no plans to create basemaps for all of the various intakes out there. '22 Sonic Grey Si: "EVA-01"- KTuner, TSP map, Full tint, Headlight/Taillight smoke, HKS hot air intake . 91 octane tune. With higher octane fuel and more boost, extra power and torque is easily achived. 10th Gen Accord. Tune will need to be swapped to your ecu by two step performance ($20). Most likely they will. Driveability is WAYYYY better and the throttle input is just incredible. Paired with essential datalogging parameters at high speeds, KTuner can be utilized to test and develop multiple vehicle platforms in the development of emissions legal aftermarket performance products.

Share. For those of you that can get 93 octane or higher gasoline, you'll just hit the 300hp mark. 11th gen doesn't have as hard of an initial pull, but it continues to just ramp and ramp through the rev range.

Most of the 10th Generation 2016+ Civics feature an OEM turbocharger and intercooler system (basically a full factory turbo kit). Also included are quick adjustments that give you easy levels of control for throttle response, partial throttle boost response, and turbo spool. It's also worth noting, there were different tunes available for the 10th gen from Hondata and Ktuner, and multiple maps offered from each of them to achieve different results. 11th Gen Civic. This package includes multiple starter maps, Factory, 19.5PSI, 21.5PSI, 23PSI, and 19.5/23PSI dual tune activated by the Sport button.

So, while running a turbo they can only tell me why the car "blew up" with k tuner vs being able to see and stop it with hondata. For 10th gen, opinions? To me the power and torque curves are really a wash. Civic SI; 10th Gen (2017+) Tuning; KTuner V1.2 Flash End User Kit for 2017+ Civic SI; Created with Sketch. Base Maps and Manuals After a myriad of problems and small issues, I ended up with an AEM EMS running the H23A Content on crzforum Honda Accord (2013 - 2015) Hondata Flashpro - for Honda Civic Type R FN2, Civic Type R FD2, Ariel Atom 3, 10th Generation 1 Hondata Flashpro - for Honda Civic Type R FN2, Civic Type R FD2, Ariel Atom 3, 10th . 10th Gen Civic.

If you don't know, and you want to know, use the search. Civic Type-R FK8. This requires a KTuner In-ECU board or KTuner OBD2 Interface to register. Michael and Eddie are amazing there. Ordered my KTuner V2 and PRL Stage 1 intake from Axion this past weekend.

RSX Base: 05-06: RSX Type-S: 05-06: TSX.

The max deltas were 37whp and 57 lb/ft at 3250 RPMs Just as the title states, looking for a b20 base map for my hondata thx Just as the title states, looking for a b20 base map for my hondata thx.

'18 Civic EX (KTuner base map tune, 6000K Cougar Motor LED headlight Kit, ESR SR12 18x9.5, Lamin-X Taillight center tint, Black grill, K&N Filter) . I'd suggest Derek at Innovative Motorworks or Kenny at TurbogixxerTuning.com $1,399.00 $890.00. Acura TLX. Should be at my door step next day or 2. Descargue el archivo mp3 Ktuner v2 install for 10th gen civic 060 times a una calidad de audio de 320 kbps. Default Title - $890.00. . 10th Gen Accord. Ktuner tuning system for honda accord, civic, acura tl, tsx and more. The 10th gen Si aftermarket clutch working on the 11th gen Si doesn't necessarily mean they will work on the Integra too. And yes, for those wondering all of our 11th Gen products such as the Resonator Delete Kit, Heritage Strut Bar, intercooler, charge pipe, downpipe, front pipe, Stage 1 Intake (silicone hose and panel filter) and flex fuel kit (once flex fuel tuning support is available for the Si. Our 10th gen Civic Si Stage 1 tune was created in 2017 with the Ososik Civic and refined throughout the years utilizing Hondata's latest software features. KTuner for 06-11 Civic Si and 07-11 Type-R KTuner is for off-road research and development testing only. There's a lot of tuned 10th gens with decently high mileage but there's always a risk when you push beyond factory specs.. plus any issues you may have trying to get general warranty work. 16 This package includes three starter maps, 16.

Act Eight is Path of Exile's eighth storyline act, and the third act of Part Two Order our name brand 10th gen Civic parts & mods like civic turbo kit, SI exhaust, downpipe, and more FK8 FK8 remapping Flashpro fn2 Ford Haltech HKS Honda Hondata Injectors Injen Intake Invidia K100 K20A K20C1 Kpro KSwap KTuner Labour M2 Motorsport mapping Marlin . ktuner stage 2 base map feels very potent but not as smooth. This package includes three starter maps, 16.5PSI, 18PSI, 21PSI, and dual factory/21PSI tune switched by the ECO button. The Hondata K-Pro is a daughterboard that has been attached to a factory RSX-S PRB ECU - _ Dustin Poirier VS Dan Hooker (FULL FIGHT) Here's a parts list for all 7th gen owners who'd like to swap out their D17 and swap in the K20 At E-tunez we do things a little different then most, we don't just want you to be satisfied .

$500.00 $449.00. Regarding the clutches. Stock FK8 Civic Type R; Gains of 33 hp (11%) and 39 lb-ft (12%) torque; 93 octane tune. NEW for 10th and 11th Gen 1.5T Civics: Artificial knock retard elimination, knock cylinder sensitivity tables, fuel pressure tables, cam angle (intake and exhaust) tables, injector phase / timing tables. I have 90K on the base KTuner 23psi.

In 5th and 6th gear your clutch will slip if you give it too much throttle though.

Every vehicle should be flashed back to factory before being driven on a public road. Distributor Jumpers. Save 17%. Highly recommend Axion for your performance parts. . Part numbers for usable ECUs include: North America Si MT 37820-RRB-A01 through A14 International Si 37820-RRD-P11 through P12 37820-RRD-M11 through M12 37820-RRD-M21 through M22 Type-R 37820-RSP-E01 . Gains of 7whp peak to peak with 30whp midrange, and midrange torque of up to 32lbft. Call Us: 650-243-3032. 5th Gen Integra . The higher power curves are with California 91 octane and the FlashPro base maps. 37820-RK1-A51 through A78. 2). The K-Pro ECU is a specially modified 2002 to 2004 Honda ECU with a USB interface to a notebook PC running Windows It is currently available for the standard shift Acura RSX base model and Type-S, the US Civic Si and the Euro Civic Type R The closing of this comparison video of two of the most popular tuning equipment for the 10 gen si View .

Innovate Motorsports.

Distributor Jumpers. Click For More Details On The Stage 1 Tune! Comes with all original cords and adapter. Every vehicle should be flashed back to factory before being driven on a public road. KTuner is for off-road research and development testing only.

KTuner for 16+ Civic 1.5 Turbo CVT and MT. Both feel . I bought a ktuner v2 touch for your same reasons. The TSP Stage 1 map will give a steady pull all the way to redline.

Civic; 10th Gen (16-21) I4-L15BA; Tuning; KTunerFlash V2 Touch End User Kit for 16+ Civic 1.5 Turbo .

Ktuner fits almost all Hondas with obd2 ports. 11th Gen Honda Civic Dyno Baseline Hondata got a hold of a 2022 Civic sedan Touring (1.5L Turbo engine) to put it through a dyno test. (Hondata Kpro) NAMI GETS TUNED (Hondata K-Pro Install) - DC5 RSX PULLS . And if I remember right, some press releases too.

by KTuner Mon Jun 11, 2018 12:44 pm Not one intake manufacturer designed an intake that works with the factory MAF system. Most likely they will. I changed all of my settings in throttle mapping and it made the car literally about 5 times better! This complete package includes a single user license, tuning software, programmable 5" touchscreen display, and base maps for many leading . With 91 octane gas, the included base maps produce an amazing. 37820-RK2-A01 through A13. . Even so, the k20a3 in the ep3 Si had separate Hondata tunes than the k20a3 in the base RSX. FREE SHIPPING! 00 $ 219. ktuner stage 2 base map feels very potent but not as smooth.

Search: Kpro Vs Ktuner. You can use speed density and work with a tuner. 3.5 AT. Here's a look at the 18PSI Stage 1 Basemap with the Artificial Knock Rise vs without for comparison. Typical stage 1 mods often include: Performance Brake Pads, Intake manifolds, Fast road camshaft, Panel air filters, Sports exhaust manifold, New Bushes, K Tune or Hondata ECU mods. Flex-fuel kit. 10th Gen Accord.

Accord i4: 03-05: Accord i4 (Electronic Throttle) KTuner is a tuning software with a customizable interface and tabbed layout.

Thanks 27won for the amazing turbo. Whether you have a fresh out the showroom Civic or one with full bolt-ons and W1 Turbo Upgrade, the KTuner V2 tuning package will provide you with the means to bring your car to top levels of performance. Maps for cold air and short ram intakes are also included. Well, the day has finally come! Here are the numbers they were able to record: 164 horsepower at 4263 rpm (at the wheels) 165 lb-ft torque at 5911 rpm (at the wheels) www.civic11forum.com kennyatshop Registered Joined Jun 21, 2021 110 Posts PLM INTERCOOLER KIT & KTUNER V1.2 - CIVIC TYPE R ( FK8 ) 2017+. .

10th gen had an initial harder feel, but it tapered. Not the fault of the tuner, the factory clutch just isn't built to handle the power . . Hey fellow civic owners.So I have a 11th gen civic si and I'm gonna be slapping ktuner on today.Just a few questions before I do so.What should I go starter dual 2 18 psi or 19.5 without doing any damage.I had ktuner on around 600 miles and the torque couldn't handle the tires lol.Also what should I check off like artificial knock control .

Honda Civic 11th Gen 2022+ PLM Performance Parts. Civic Type-R FK8. 11th Gen Civic. In a completely stock form, our 2019 Honda Civic Si put down 189. Items such as gauges, tables, and graphs can be added to tabs and moved into position just how you like it. Orders; Track my order(s) . Ect2 Adapter Connector Pigtail For 2016-18 Honda Civic Hondata Ktuner Flex Fuel Bonne nouvelle, nous supportons maintenant Ktuner ! Power drops off up high. Our KTunerFlash V1.2 tuning package comes with a single KTuner hardware unit paired with a single user license. Today we tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about K-Tuner. Seibon Carbon Wing, Instinct 19x8, Js Style Front Lip, Custom e30 VitTuned, TSP Stage 1, KTuner v2, Morimoto HID 35w 6500K, Morimoto XB LED Fogs, AF Dynamic Red SRI, Jet's Vinyl Door Sills.

WR Cathedrale Notre Dame DE Paris 24K Gold Foil Coin Souvenirs Collection Gift Civic Touring Stock Vs Civic Touring Ktuner Reflash English Version Generally the 02-04 RSX ECU is used with the Hondata KPro and the 05-06 RSX ECU This package includes three starter maps, 16 Wow Today we have a huge HUGE videowe are talking about tuning my 2017 Honda civic Hatchback ex Wow . ktuner stage 2 base map feels very potent but not as smooth. . Custom Remote Tuning Services Available For: - Hondata FlashPRO - Hondata K-Pro - Hondata S300 - Ktuner - AEM Series 2 - AEM Infinity - Neptune. $449.00. Alternator Adapters. Typical stage 2 mods often include: Brake Discs (drilled/slotted or grooved, Fast road cam, induction kit, fuel pump upgrades, Ported . Stock FK8 Civic Type R; Gains of 47 hp (15%) and 72 lb-ft . The ktuner basemaps give you a bigger hit down low. 195whp 227lbft. .

Derek explaining differences on the 10th gen, take it for what it is. Civic Type-R FK8. These edits will help make your car feel more sporty even though it does. 10th Gen Civic. Tune / change factory boost levels on 10th and 11th Gen 2016+ turbo Civics and newer turbo Hondas in general. As far as your car goes I'd be more concerned about the cvt than the engine because of how much torque these cars can gain with just a base map. Civic CVT high octane plus 6 psi more . How To Flash Your ECU With KTuner **10th Gen Honda Civic** 74,104 views Dec 20, 2017 546 Dislike Share Save TTorres1183 19.7K subscribers Join Subscribe In todays video I show you all how to flash.

Currently W1 Base map tune (25% ethanol) And it's night and day difference! Civic 10th Gen Tuning Stages. 10th Gen (18+) I4-L15BE; I4-K20C4; TL. LTFT on point, AFR on point, and WOT smooth all the way to redline. Step 3: Download and install the KTuner Software. AEM. This package includes three started maps, 16 .

KTuner uses direct USB connectivity for fast data transfers 1c") and exit -h,--help According the the pool, the speed was even better (169 vs 166 with claymore) but this Specializing in Honda Engine Tuning I put on a full race turbo kit, my tuner wanted hondata Support available for engine management systems such as SCT, HP Tuners, Hondata .