‘Lost Learning’ – The push to catch up as schools reopen

Back to School… Again!

Uniform ironed, bag packed, water bottle filled? Check!

As schools across the country welcome back their pupils for the fourth big reopening since our initial lockdown, many parents and guardians are relieved to have their young learners return to face-to-face classroom teaching.

Most will agree that it’s great to see children and teens marching into the school gates once again, both for their own developmental and emotional benefit as well as the sanity of their parents!

Although many parents are still wary of the transmission of COVID-19 in schools, research shows that the country on the whole feels positive about getting learners back into the classroom.  In fact, 90% of parents would send their kids back to school even if it wasn’t compulsory.

With kids and teens depending on remote learning and online lessons for all of 2021 so far, parents and guardians nationwide are concerned about ‘lost learning’, where school closures have left many children falling behind with their education.


Fears of Falling Behind

Online classroom interaction and remote learning haven’t been easy for most.

Research taken from nearly 6,000 adults across England with school-aged children shows that over two thirds of parents believe their child has ‘lost out’ on crucial learning. This leaves parents concerned that their children have fallen behind in their education and development.

Moreover, nearly 10% of parents worry that pupils won’t fully catch up, with fears that their child’s education will never completely recover from the impact of these school closures.

Plus, parents and guardians have reported concerns over how much ‘screen time’ their children have been exposed to for their online lessons, and whether this may result in adverse effects on their concentration, eyesight, or creative expression.


The Push to Catch Up

Schools and teachers will be working tirelessly (as ever!) to fill in the gaps produced by lockdown.

Over 90% of parents support the provision of additional measures to help their children catch up with lost learning, such as through tutoring.

The government are set to invest over £1bn into the recovery of these educational setbacks, but concerns have been highlighted as to whether it will be sufficient to accomplish such a prominent and challenging task.

Will the government’s intervention effectively recognise that each child will be in a different place with their education, and thus require provision in differing capacities?  After all, if there’s anything we’ve learned from education, it’s that one size does certainly not fit all.

How far are the government willing to go to ensure the individual needs of all children are sufficiently met?  Many have significant reservations, with critics highly doubtful of genuine success.


Longer School Days and Shorter Summer Holiday

The government are looking very closely at the school year, exploring the possibility of having longer school days and extending the year into the summer break.

This is part of the plan to help children catch up with lost learning.

However, these proposed solutions are less popular among many parents, who fear longer school days may encroach on their children’s mental health, offering them little time at the end of the day for recreation and winding down.

This creates an unwanted cycle of pupils returning to school the next day feeling drained and unprepared for learning, ultimately failing to solve the issue at hand.


Moving Forward

If there were a golden answer that would fix these issues, we would have shared it long ago!

What we can offer in the midst of the ‘catch-up crisis’ is a steppingstone towards a solution.

In effort to get pupils back on track, children may be drilled with schoolwork until it robs them of a love for learning.  Our maths and literacy packs put the love back into learning, inspiring your child’s interest and focus.

With a continued push for online homework and tutoring, pupils will likely be exposed to excessive amounts of ‘screen time’.  Our stimulating activities are hands-on and interactive, offering your child a break from the screen whilst keeping them busy as they learn.

Plus, as you seek to give your child the best chance of catching up and staying ahead at school, we are here to help you along the way.  Our educational games and activity packs include guidance for grown-ups in supporting your child’s learning and furthering their success.

Check out our engaging curriculum packs for help with fractions, grammar, times tables and more, as we partner together in preparing your for child the brightest future this world has to offer.

Visit our online Shop today to get started!

~ Team GeneratEd



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Research Source:  BBC (2021)

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