Choose a Learning Pack over a toy for your child’s Christmas gift

Christmas is going to be different this year. From forming a ‘Christmas Bubble’ to supposedly sitting socially distanced around the table (I mean, whose dining table is large enough?!) we’re unlikely to have the festive holiday of our dreams.

So, in light of all these changes we can’t control, why not change something we can?

Instead of investing solely in our children’s ever-growing toy collection this year, let’s also continue to invest in their future. Let’s place life-long education ahead of short-lived entertainment and unleash our children’s abounding potential.

Here are 5 reasons why you should choose a GeneratEd Learning Pack as a gift for your child this Christmas:

Reason 1: Improve your child’s educational success
Our Learning Packs encourage children to be creative, take on challenges, and explore valuable life skills such as reasoning and problem-solving.  The games and activities inside each pack link to school targets and make learning FUN.  What a perfect opportunity to show your child how enjoyable learning can be! Plus, when a child is engaged, they are considerably more likely to retain and reuse the skills and knowledge they have learned. Invest in your child’s education and future by gifting them a Learning Pack to boost their confidence, motivation and success at school.

Reason 2: Teach your child to value education
Children know that gifts are meant to bless them.  Giving your child a Learning Pack as a gift encourages them to view education as important and worthwhile.  They tear away the wrapping paper to reveal a world of possibility.  Suddenly, school learning is cool!  When a Learning Pack is presented as a gift, it inspires interest, curiosity and enthusiasm for what’s inside. Overall, since presents are often a child’s favourite part of Christmas, they’ll begin to associate joy and wonder with the gift of education.

Reason 3: Make up for the COVID-19 setbacks in school progress
No parent or guardian wants their child to fall behind at school, but our children’s school success isn’t secured by wishful thinking. We need to take action. The impact of lockdown and school alterations in light of the pandemic has raised cause for concern nationwide. Although back in the school building, our children’s development is still limited by various restrictions, such as classroom bubbles that minimise social interaction (and thus the development of interpersonal skills) or the absence of school trips which would usually provide a source of educational enrichment. Let’s get serious about ensuring our children don’t miss out on reaching their full potential. Make their future a priority this Christmas.

Reason 4: Our kids already have plenty of toys
Toys are great!  But let’s face it, our children generally own more than enough toys.  Rather than piling up with even more toys this year, why not choose a unique gift that will benefit your child’s future?  Okay okay, we get it, doing ‘schoolwork’ is rarely the priority for a child who’s opening presents.  Here’s the catch: our Learning Packs are stuffed with so many hands-on activities and eye-catching games that your child will certainly not miss out on having oodles of fun! With toys already on the way, balance things out by placing our Learning Packs in the present pile!

Reason 5: Unlock even more potential
Our Learning Packs offer screen-free fun, creative enrichment, and engaging educational adventures.  Where a toy might only do one or two things, our Learning Packs contain a wide range of stimulating activities to occupy your child and ignite their imagination in a variety of ways.  Plus, completing a Learning Pack gives your child a sense of achievement and desire to learn more, whereas many toys lack a clear goal that your child can focus on and strive for. As they develop resilience, confidence and subject knowledge through our inviting learning activities, your child will reignite their love for learning this Christmas.

So don’t delay! Grab your child’s Learning Pack from our online shop today and let the adventure begin. Order fast to get your awesome products in time for Christmas!

~ Team GeneratEd