About Us

The Problem

“How can I encourage my child to make progress with their schoolwork without dimming their love for learning?”

The Research

Out in the world are plenty of products for children’s education.  Some offer school support and skill practice, but are dull
and uninspiring.

Others offer projects that are fun and exciting, but don’t teach the skills covered at school.

Anything attempting to meet in the middle charges the earth and doesn’t always deliver.

The Solution

Unable to find the answer to our problem, we decided to be the answer!

In generating a solution, we created GeneratEd and reinvented schoolwork.

We studied the curriculum and pulled out interactive activities, hands-on experiences and creative concepts to join school targets with a love
for learning.

Our recipe for success comes from thousands of hours of studying how children learn and what we can do to meet them where they’re at before taking them forward.

The Mission

Our goal is to provide stimulating activities that boost school skills, build confidence and bring learning to life through exploration, creativity and problem-solving.

We’re also here for
grown-ups, offering
step-by-step explanations of what your child is learning with tips and ideas
for extending
their understanding.

Ultimately, we believe that learning isn’t just about what you know.

Learning is a process of discovery, challenge
and wonder.

Our team work hard at creating engaging activities that capture what learning really is.

Special contribution by Anike Ayorinde (Illustration of GeneratEd Named Characters)

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